Mental Performance Killers: Does She Have Any?

  1. Pre-Game or in-game anxiety.
  2. Lack of confidence.
  3. Difficulty dealing with personal mistakes or game adversity.
  4. Allowing a single mistake to cascade into multiple mental mistakes.
  5. Poor performance in "pressure packed" big games.
  6. Quality of practice play not carrying over into games.
  7. Conflicts with coaches or teammates.
  8. Doubt in her ability to succeed.
  9. Fear of failure.
  10. Super high expectations.
  11. Low expectations for performance.
  12. Lack of focus or concentration.
  13. Emotional outbursts during the game (lack of composure).
  14. Lack of motivation or feelings of burnout. 
  15. Parental conflicts about game performance.
  16. Feelings of inferiority with teammates or competition.
  17. Critical coaches.
  18. Difficulty dealing with injury or pain.
If your player suffers from one or several of these mental performance killers she is not playing to her peak potential and will seriously hurt her opportunities to play at the next level without learning and applying the proper mental skills.

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