About Softball Smarts

In sports, particularly fastpitch softball, the game is 90% mental and all the private hitting, pitching, conditioning and speed instruction isn't going to improve what's going on between her ears. Mastery of her mental skills is the "Game Changer" as whether your athlete reaches her true softball potential or not...it's that simple.

John Michael Kelly started this blog to helping softball players, parents and coaches everywhere to become more aware and more effective at understanding and overcoming the inevitable adversities the game of fastpitch dishes out; sabotaging both sports confidence and game performance for players and teams in the process!

John Michael Kelly and Softball Smarts combine the best of:
  • Traditional Sports Psychology Principles
  • More than a decade of hands on fastpitch softball coaching experience
  • Personal elite athlete performance experience at the collegiate level
  • 20 years of cutting edge Mental Skills training experience
  • Sports parenting experience
We recognize that mastering the game of fastpitch softball is not accomplished overnight and that all young athletes need help dealing with all the pressures the game throws at them. John Michael Kelly and Softball Smarts have developed a mental game program guaranteed to transform your athlete into a consistent peak performer top coaches want in their program.

To learn more about how to build your athlete's or team's sports confidence and joy for playing the game visit us at:

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About John Kelly

As a sports parent, championship fastpitch game coach, mental skills expert, former youth league Board member and former two sport collegiate athlete John brings a unique perspective and voice to the world of youth sports. John has been coaching youth sports since 1996, including soccer and baseball, and exclusively fastpitch softball since 2003 at the recreational, All Star, travel and high school levels. John has coached over 1,000 fastpitch games and his teams have consistently excelled at the State and National levels. 

John is an ASA Ace Certified Coach, NFHS Certified Coach, PCA Double Goal Certified Coach, and a Certified Mental Skills Coach. John has been a teacher and practitioner of mental skills for over 20 years, and while coaching and studying elite athletes he has seen and proved the direct relationship between mental mastery and consistent, elite performance. Personally, John competed at the Division I level in collegiate baseball and football.

Currently John coaches at the 18u travel softball level with The Next Level ("TNL") in San Diego and resides in the Del Mar area of north San Diego County.