Are You Leaving Your Player's Success to Chance?

Fastpitch softball has become extremely competitive, particularly at the travel or select level. It has become an expensive sport to participate in and even more expensive to excel at, with the added cost of private hitting, pitching or conditioning instructors. Yet most every parent neglects the one piece of the puzzle that can skyrocket their player's softball performance and enjoyment of the game: Mental Skills Training.

Are you, in fact, leaving your player's future success to chance? College, Travel, High School and All Star coaches are all looking for softball players that can consistently perform at a peak level during the rigors of a long season in a sport where disappointment, failure and adversity are the norm. They want the athlete that stands out from the crowd. Will your player be the one that does? I highly encourage you to review the list of potential mental performance killers from my last blog and honestly assess whether your player's softball performance and joy for playing the game is truly affected by any of them.

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