The Tim Tebow Effect and Fastpitch

By now most Americans have, not only, heard of Bronco quarterback Tim Tebow but also know of his amazing comebacks over the past several weeks that have transformed a bad Denver team to one likely headed for the NFL post season. Yet Tebow has the lowest completion % and fewest yards passed among all starting QBs. What he does have is 11 touchdown passes to just 2 interceptions and, most importantly, is 7-1 as a starter. The experts can't seem to explain how he and the Broncos are doing it with no less than seven consecutive 4th quarter or overtime comeback victories (around one loss to Detroit). Is it smoke and mirrors or loaves and fishes?

Here is what I think is the reason for Tebow and Denver's success and how it relates to your athlete and her team on the fastpitch softball diamond. With the Broncos and any team in any sport it all comes down to one thing...BELIEF. Belief is a powerful thing that can propel or destroy a player and a team's performance. As I write about often either you believe you can or believe you can't.
Tim Tebow

Since most games, particularly in softball, come down to a handful of key at bats or plays in the field which decide success or failure it is the athlete and the team that BELIEVES they will succeed and prevail that usually does. In the case of the Broncos not only do they believe they will come back and win every game their opponents believe it too! It is amazing how powerful positive thoughts and energy are, and how quickly they can cause a monumental shift in momentum; and it all starts with a firm belief that it is possible.

We know how strong Tim Tebow's faith is, and at some level that faith has solidified his belief in himself and his team. Tebow's teammates see and feel his belief in himself and in the team's success and they have now bought into it. A team that possesses good talent and great belief can beat anybody.

As I tell my team all it takes is one person to decide she will do what it takes to win; to pump her team up, to dive for balls, to maintain positive "can do" thoughts for a shift to take place.  If one person on a team truly believes the game isn't over yet and keeps competing "miracles" can indeed happen. Tim Tebow is living proof of that.

Sports are overflowing with great and improbable comebacks on amazing plays that defy logic. But behind every great individual and team performance is an individual or individuals who believe it is possible, who transform the energy and momentum of the game by a single act (Dave Roberts' stolen base against the Yankees in the ALCS during the Red Sox' improbable '04 World Series win).

Success is a choice and it always begins with a belief that success is possible and (in the case of the Broncos and Tebow) probable-- no matter what the situation looks like.

Your athlete can be a game changer in many ways, but the easiest and most powerful way is for her to up her game in the "belief" department, being the Tim Tebow on her team that refuses to accept defeat or failure, that leads by example, inspires others to be great simply because she expects success for herself and her teammates...by a relentless drive to compete.

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