She's Just One Thought Away from Success

Success...we all want it for our kids, don't we? Whether it be in the classroom or on the athletic field we do all we can to insure that our daughters have every opportunity to succeed. And yet the secret to her success may be far simpler and far closer than you can imagine. Let me explain.

Every human being carries within him or her self a dominant thought pattern. This dominant pattern of thinking is the result of many internal and external factors. However, the most important determinant of someone's dominant thought patterns is his/her belief system. In the case of your athlete what does she believe about herself? What does she believe herself to be capable of?

For most of us our beliefs limit our potential, it's that simple. As I say often, "Either you think you can or think you can't." But even within that statement are varying degrees of success and limitation.

Now you may say..."John, are you crazy...of course my daughter wants to be successful," and I don't doubt for a minute that at the "conscious" level of her thinking she does. However given that she, like all of us, has over 50,000 unique thoughts swirling through her head every day ultimately it's what her "subconscious" thoughts say that will determine her fate. These subconscious thoughts are, again, a byproduct of what she believes about herself.
"The Thinker" by Rodin

As a game coach, as well as a mental skills coach, I see young athletes struggle on a weekly basis with self imposed limitations -- all as a result of their beliefs about their abilities and their potential. Much of this limiting belief may come from thoughts, and the emotions that accompany them, of past mistakes or failures. This "past focus" can ship wreck your athlete's performance before it even gets started.

A single positive thought about herself, her abilities and potential can truly hurtle her towards levels of success she never thought possible. If she can start to believe greater success is possible (and ultimately, with enough "right" thinking, believe her success is "probable") this will trigger a subtle shift in her subconscious mind and empower her towards an avalanche of positive thoughts that become her new dominant thought pattern.

As she takes this new approach to the field her successes will mount and those old negative files (thoughts) will be deleted forever from the hard drive between her ears! And it all starts with a single thought.

Your athlete's thoughts are powerful enough to make or break her level of success on the athletic field and in the classroom. The good news is that she always has a choice of what she thinks. After all, who else controls the inside of her head?

Is this process It takes a recognition of what her current beliefs about herself are, and a commitment to changing those beliefs and the thoughts that ensue. It also takes having access to the proper mental skills tools and training.

A majority of elite amateur and professional athletes throughout history at one time or another struggled with limiting beliefs about themselves. However, with enough hard "mental work" over time they overcame these limitations and soared to greatness. Your athlete can do the same.

It all starts with a just a single thought. What could be simpler?

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