It's Okay to Celebrate a Job Well Done

For most of us days turn into weeks and months speed into years. Where did the time go? The busy lifestyle of the 21st Century leaves us perpetually behind and often breathless! Most times we don't stop to smell the roses or acknowledge a job well done...particularly when we are the one's who did the job well!

Trapped in future or past focus robs us of the power found in the present moment. We quickly move from one task to the next rather than stopping for the briefest of time to appreciate our efforts such. Acknowledging our successes can be the springboard to even more successes.

The same challenge can befall young athletes just as profoundly. With a breakneck schedule many kids don't have the luxury of time to reflect on their achievements. As well whatever successes these athletes produce is considered but a stepping stone to even greater achievement. In other words, "Great job kid, what's your next trick?" Youngsters need to be able to feel good about their efforts in both the classroom and the athletic field in the wake of burdensome expectations.

As adults we need to recognize and praise such great effort to help build a solid self-esteem and self-image in our kids. Young people today are asked to play at a much higher level than most of us were twenty or thirty years ago. I personally marvel at how good the 14u softball players are that I coach, or the 18u players in our organization. These girls would have mercied my high school baseball team for sure!

Let them have their day in the sun, a break from the monotony of their nano second world. After all, it's okay to celebrate a job well should try it on yourself sometime soon!

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