Girl's Softball: Why is it Such a Hard Game?

Of all the games your athlete chose to play it had to be girl's softball, right? Now don't get me wrong...I'm sure other sports that girls play present their own unique challenges and difficulty in obtaining mastery, but...I'm sorry there is no game as difficult to play--that throws so much consistent adversity at a player--as softball. Even more so than it's baseball cousin because the 60 foot bases render the game quicker than baseball, causing every mistake to be magnified!

Abner Doubleday, or whoever really invented the game, must have had a wicked sense of humor! The game offers so many variables and unique one-on-one battles within the context of a team game, that it's a crazy hard game that will drive any player mad from time to time.

It is vitally important than your athlete recognize just how hard the game of girls softball is to play and master. No player...NONE has ever escaped without making an error or having a less than stellar at bat. So if she or you have expectations of her being the first softball player EVER to be perfect you might want to reconsider!

Remember that although perfection may never be achievable, striving for perfection is. Yes girls softball is a darned hard game, but your athlete's consistent efforts in practice and games will make her a far better person. As an adult she will have to learn deal with the inevitable adversities that life throws at all of us, so playing girls softball is a perfect opportunity for her to learn how to overcome adversity on the field. That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

For your athlete to excel at such a difficult game as girls softball she needs to have reasonable expectations and look at all failure as a learning opportunity to get better.

Because softball is, to me, the hardest game to master your athlete stands to benefit greatly from it. Yes the game will kick her in the stomach from time to time, but it will also teach her so many life lessons that the payback for her efforts can be enormous!

So as a parent be glad the game of softball is so hard. Your athlete is truly in elite company by mastering a sport that 90% of the girls her age either already quit or could never muster the courage or talent to play!

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