The Relentless Pursuit of a Softball Dream

In coaching for the first time at the 18u and 18 Gold level this fall I've had an up close look at the "end game" in the travel softball world: players verballing or signing with their dream college. I get to see the relief, joy, and relaxation of the post signed player; no more pressure...just enjoying the game of softball!

Coming from the world of 14u softball, where the road can sometimes seem endless to achieving the dream of college softball and a lucrative athletic scholarship, I have a single but powerful bit of wisdom for players, and parents alike:

Live the dream every day!

Let me explain. Our mind is such a powerful thing and immense attractor of circumstances. Too often a younger player gets frustrated with her performance or weary of late and long practices, early weekend mornings for endless games and struggling to maintain any semblance of a social life amidst the softball grind.

My simple suggestion for athletes (and even parents) is to see the end game NOW:
  1. Pour over college and athletic department web sites of target schools (see yourself playing at that/those schools).
  2. Be realistic as to a good fit academically
  3. Make a list of exactly what you want in a college experience (including academics, geography, social scene, school size and quality of softball program).
  4. Start reaching out to target schools that fit your list: send emails and let coaches know where you'll be playing (visit target schools if possible).
  5. Make an honest list of your strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to improve all areas of your game (including strength, speed, quickness, softball IQ).
  6. Live the dream every day in your mind.
Living the dream every day means immersing yourself in the journey. Have fun with it. But more importantly prepare yourself mentally for the "end game."

Get excited about it. Visualize it..daydream about it. See yourself wearing the college uniform of your choosing, playing on ESPN, walking around campus having a blast!

The truth is the more your athlete steps into her dream each and every day the more likely she is to achieve it. Just five minutes upon waking in the morning and five minutes before retiring at night contemplating, seeing, living every exciting detail of her dream will have amazing organizing power to make her dream come true.

It is the relentless pursuit of her softball dream!

Thanks for reading, and have a spectacular holiday season :-)

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