The No Limit Athlete in 2012 - Part 3

In the first two parts of the "No Limit Athlete" series I talked about both the physical and mental factors and requirements necessary to become a "no limit" athlete. In this third and final part let's put it all together and create the ultimate blueprint for turning your athlete into a "no limit" athlete in 2012.

Putting It All Together

Combining the physical with the mental is essential, as one without the other will never allow your athlete to become the consistent peak performer top coaches are looking for. The game of fastpitch softball is just too hard to succeed at without an integrated physical and mental game plan of action.

To become a no limit athlete she needs to have the passion and desire to do the hard work each and every week. There are simply no short cuts on the way to the top. The good news is that very few athletes will make the commitment to get better physically and mentally the way the no limit athlete does. The truth is that when you go the extra mile you find you often share the road with no one else.
Michael Phelps...winner of 14 Olympic Gold Medals

How good does your athlete want to be?

As I often tell athletes in my team and individual trainings you can truly can be as good as you want to be.  Of course "wanting" means doing the physical and mental work necessary to become:
  • Stronger 
  • Faster
  • Quicker
  • Smarter (A.B.L. - always be learning)
  • More adapt at grounders and flies 
  • Better at hitting/throwing the inside pitch 
  • Better at hitting/throwing the outside pitch
  • Better at hitting/throwing the rise
  • Better at hitting/throwing the screw
  • Better at hitting/throwing the change up
  • Better at bunting or advancing the runner(s)
  • Mentally tougher
  • Better at overcoming adversity
  • More plan oriented before, during and after each game
  • More self-confident
  • More focused and mindful of game situations
  • More expectant of success and victory

The no limit athlete offers no excuses as to why she didn't do her physical or mental work for the day or week.

The no limit athlete looks to no one else but herself for motivation and desire. She compares herself to no one else, only her own goals, aspirations and purpose.

The no limit athlete lives for success on game day but knows that her success is far more likely with intense and regimented physical and mental preparation.

The bottom line...success is always a choice and so is the commitment to become a no limit athlete. As the late great Coach John Wooden of UCLA basketball fame said, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." I like to turn that quote around to suggest that preparing for greatness creates greatness. Does your athlete prepare for success and greatness?

Is becoming a no limit athlete a possibility for your athlete? I believe that it absolutely is. But she must believe that. She must believe it and want it enough to do the heavy lifting. Becoming a no limit athlete is surely easier than climbing Mt. Everest, yet her view from the top will be just as majestic and just as rewarding. Her climb to the top of her game will produce immense feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction that will empower her in every area of her life.

Remember the immortal words of Henry Ford, "Either you think you can or think you can't and either way you are right." Which path does your athlete choose?

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