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**Get private lessons with John Michael Kelly for just $99.97 per month. Normally $45 per thirty minute lesson, you get three (3) forty-five minute lessons each month one-on-one between you and/or your athlete and John (via phone, Skype, or Hangout with email and text instruction/support) with a three month commitment for just $99.97 per month*.  That's a 26% discount! This offer will end soon.

Learn all the mental game strategies necessary for your athlete to achieve her fullest softball potential! Learn how to be a smarter hitter or pitcher, and learn how to bounce back from game adversity...IMMEDIATELY! 

Give your athlete the edge she needs to stand out and play to her fullest potential!

*Early cancellation from the three month commitment will result in John's regular hourly consultation rate of $90 being assessed to all completed lessons plus a $50 penalty for any used portion of the full three month program.

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I have a very important question to ask you: What percent of your daughter’s softball potential is she tapping into today? 80%; 60%; 50% or less?

As a long time coach and softball parent nothing is more frustrating than seeing a player look great in practice only to see that same player’s game day performance fall far short of its potential, particularly at pivotal moments of the game.

“We added mental performance lessons with John for our daughter, and in just a few short months the improvement in her performance as a pitcher has been immense! She now shows so much more confidence, tenacity and focus than ever before. She recently pitched her 14u team to the ASA Western National Championships. Thanks John!”  --Sandy, San Diego, CA

Alison and I with her ASA National Champs Trophy
***CASE STUDY*************

Alison had all the talent in the world as a pitcher, but was not harnessing it properly. Her game day performances were erratic, frustrating and disappointing.

When I started working with Alison she was struggling as the #3 pitcher on her team. At her State Tournament she pitched only two innings in the circle the entire weekend.

We immediately went to work shifting her thoughts about herself and her abilities. We improved her focus and determination. I gave Alison simple things to say to herself and do during her pre-game routine and in the circle.

Within a few weeks Alison began to believe in her abilities and summon the focus she needed to start dominating. Balls turned into strikes and swings turned into strikeouts instead of hits. Seemingly overnight Alison became her team's #1 pitcher. She steadily started to dominate in every game she pitched. She was truly reaching her potential as a pitcher and enjoying the game so much more. Her coach was amazed at her improvement.

The pinnacle of her 2012 season saw Alison pitch the final two championship games, back to back, yielding only 2 runs in 14 innings and leading her team to the 14u ASA Western National Championship. 

In the summer of 2013 Alison continued her progress as her 14 Gold team's #1 pitcher at both the Colorado Sparkler and ASA 14u Nationals in Illinois.

In the Fall of 2013 Alison's success landed her a spot on her organization's 18u team and recently was given an opportunity to pitch on the 18 Gold team at a major showcase event against some of the top teams in the country. Alison pitched extremely well and, as a result, is now on the radar of several top college programs.


Like you I have spent a considerable amount on private hitting and pitching lessons for my daughter as well as a substantial investment in equipment, travel and dues. When our kid’s performance falls short of expectations we sometimes question our investment, don’t we?

I’d like to offer you a way to insure a better return on your softball investment, with private mental game training. 

John specializes in working with pitchers and has had great success improving focus, confidence and determination in the circle.

John also teaches mental game hitting strategies as well to give every young hitter a solid game plan going into every game and every at bat!
Contact John for a free 30 minute mental game assessment call, where you can ask him about any specific performance issues your athlete may have at:

Although physical training and private hitting or pitching lessons are essential to your athlete’s mastery of a tough game, far too often I witness how such private training does not carry over to the field on game day.

Why does this happen? It is simply a “mental” disconnect between knowing how to perform a task in a high comfort zone environment (practice) and then actually executing it in a low comfort zone environment (games).

Physical skills training alone are, therefore, not enough to maximize your daughter’s game day potential. She needs the combination of physical training and proper mental performance training to perform at a consistently high level (just like the Olympians).

Without proper mental training young athletes are often incapable of coping with the rigors of such a difficult game while playing in a competitive travel environment.

There are myriad reasons why young athletes don’t perform to their capabilities: 
  • Lack of self-confidence (causing hesitation in decision making).
  • Pre-game or in-game anxiety (most of the girls I work with have told me they experience this; also known as "performance anxiety").
  • The burden of sky high expectations (internal- wanting to be perfect or external – from parents, coaches or teammates).
  • The inability to focus and concentrate at key moments of the game.
  • Difficulty overcoming game adversities and failures. 
I call these mental performance killers because, if not conquered, they will sabotage your athlete’s game at the most pivotal moments of the game.

In the end it all comes down to improving your daughter’s performance when it matters most...on game day. My goal in coaching and in my mental performance practice is to help young athletes to reach their full potential on the field while playing the game with as much joy and passion as possible. After all…softball should be fun first, shouldn’t it?

Free Introductory Call. Not sure if mental performance training is right for your athlete? Schedule a complimentary 30 minute introductory call with John Kelly where he will explain the process and show you how he can develop a fully customized "Mental Game Plan" for your athlete to help her reach her true softball potential!

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